January 26 2020 is the official date HOUSEOFTR£PZ was made by its CEO - MSBABIIIS. She was in her prime teenage years, when she made the brand. HOUSEOFTR£PZ was to be thee home of street-wear this including t-shirts, sweatshirts, exclusive denim wear and etc. There were many different designs that inspired our collections in our brand such as; our manga/anime series, graffiti series and more.


Originally HOUSEOFTR£PZ had different name and predominantly was meant females. The new and improved changes has successfully made it into a unisex brand. Also having their beauty partner Sukali Cosmetics (the name) coming from one of our CEO’S co-manager.


Our beauty brand came about as Glossïce. If you didn't know now you know our CEO is of Ugandan (East African) decent. 'Sukali' in Luganda means sugar. ‘Sukali’ was meant to be a lip gloss name but the change happened to switch the beauty brand name to Sukali Cosmetics selling both lip gloss and lashes, all partnered with our Unisex Clothing Brand HOUSEOFTR£PZ.

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